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Streamlining Crypto Payments: Krater's Success Story with Copperx Invoices

Discover how Krater revolutionized their crypto mining business by leveraging the power of Copperx Invoices for seamless payment management and enhanced customer support.

Aditya sharma
Aditya sharma
Jun 27 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences. Krater, a prominent provider of mining management solutions, has successfully integrated Copperx Invoices into their ecosystem to revolutionize their invoicing and payment processes. By leveraging the exceptional features of Copperx Invoices, Krater has witnessed remarkable improvements in efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction, taking their business to new heights.

About Krater

Krater is a comprehensive management solution for crypto mining farms, providing miners with the tools they need to efficiently manage and monitor their mining hardware. With Krater, miners can remotely manage their mining equipment, monitor important metrics such as hashrate, temperature, and hardware errors, and easily change pools and restart machines. Additionally, Krater offers energy reports, allowing miners to track their energy consumption and receive daily and monthly reports for each worker and facility. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Krater streamlines the mining process, empowering miners to optimize their operations and maximize their mining output.


Krater encountered several challenges when they were not using invoices for their operations. One of the major hurdles was the lack of a streamlined payment process. Without invoices, managing payments and tracking transactions became time-consuming and prone to errors. They faced difficulties in accurately recording and reconciling payments received from customers and calculating the outstanding balances. Moreover, without a formal invoicing system, it was challenging for Krater to provide detailed payment information to their customers, leading to confusion and potential disputes. The absence of invoices also hindered their ability to establish a professional and transparent payment relationship with their clients. Realizing the importance of an efficient invoicing solution, Krater sought to overcome these challenges and improve their payment management process by using Copperx Invoices to get paid in crypto.


In the world of crypto mining, efficient payment management is crucial for success. Krater, a leading management solution for crypto mining farms, found themselves facing several challenges when it came to handling payments. However, their journey took a transformative turn when they discovered the power of Copperx Invoices. Let's explore how Krater's adoption of Copperx Invoices revolutionized their payment processes and brought them a plethora of benefits.

  1. Get Paid in Multiple Networks: One of the significant challenges Krater faced was the limited payment options they could offer to their customers. However, with Copperx Invoices, Krater gained the ability to accept payments in multiple networks. This flexibility allowed their customers to choose their preferred cryptocurrency for making payments, expanding the reach of Krater's services and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  2. Currency Conversion: Crypto payments often involve dealing with various cryptocurrencies and their respective exchange rates. Copperx Invoices solved this challenge for Krater by providing built-in currency conversion capabilities. Customers could now pay in their preferred currency, and Krater received the equivalent value in their desired cryptocurrency. This feature simplified the payment process for both parties, eliminating the need for manual calculations and ensuring transparent and accurate transactions.
  3. Branding Color: Maintaining a consistent brand identity is vital for any business. With Copperx Invoices, Krater could customize the branding colors on their invoices, aligning them with their corporate identity. This feature allowed Krater to present a professional image to their clients, reinforcing their brand and establishing trust.
  4. Import Customers with CSV: Managing customer data efficiently is essential for seamless operations. Copperx Invoices provided Krater with the ability to import customer information using CSV files from other software systems. This feature simplified the onboarding process, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Krater could seamlessly integrate their existing customer data into Copperx Invoices, streamlining their payment management workflow.
  5. Minimal Pricing and Best-in-Class Support: Cost-effectiveness and reliable customer support are crucial considerations for any business. Copperx Invoices offered Krater minimal pricing compared to competitors, allowing them to optimize their expenses while enjoying robust invoicing capabilities. Additionally, Copperx provided Krater with best-in-class customer support, ensuring that any queries or issues were addressed promptly and effectively. This commitment to customer satisfaction further solidified Krater's confidence in their choice of invoicing solution.

Krater on Copperx Invoices:

I am delighted to share my experience with the incredible Copperx team. They possess a remarkable willingness to lend an ear and truly understand the issues their customers are striving to resolve. Their unwavering determination shines through as they go above and beyond to provide solutions that not only meet expectations but genuinely assist in accepting cryptocurrency. With Copperx, I have found a team that genuinely cares and delivers results
krater's feedback about invoices with copperx


Krater's experience with Copperx Invoices has been transformative. The integration empowered them to streamline their payment processes, offer flexible payment options, and enhance customer satisfaction. With the ability to get paid in multiple networks, facilitate currency conversion, customize branding, import customer data seamlessly, and benefit from minimal pricing and exceptional customer support, Krater found a comprehensive solution that catered to their specific needs.

If you're a crypto mining farm looking to optimize your payment management, Copperx Invoices can be your game-changer, just as it was for Krater. Unlock the power of efficient invoicing, seamless payment acceptance, and enhanced customer experience. Experience the benefits of Copperx Invoices and propel your crypto mining business to new heights.

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Aditya sharma

Aditya sharma

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